Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun with Dice

I am often rolling my dice; sometimes for no purpose other that to see what I get. One of the fun things that some of my players have liked is gambling dice games while the characters are spending time in town. The usual choice of games is…. Knucklebones. I’m unsure where we picked this little gem up and I did a little research, but if you have some idea, please post a comment.

So, Knucklebones is played with 2d6. Each player tries to roll as high as possible, once it gets back to the starting player, he has the option to reroll. If he chooses to reroll, each participant has the option to reroll or keep what they got. If he chooses not to reroll, then everyone is stuck with their initial roll. So this can be fun if everyone buys into it, add a little role-playing and you could possibly spend the entire evening at the knucklebones table.

The last part I want to leave is with card games… card games have never gone over too well because they take a lot more time. Well, while I was at the local thrift shop, I came across the game ‘Vegas 21′ by Fundex Games. This is a blackjack dice game with 6d12 numbered two thru ace. There is a missing number on each die as there isn’t enough sides for thirteen cards (the number is different for each die). Now this has made ‘rolling’ a poker hand pretty quick. If you have a player that fancies himself as a cardshark, this may allow him to play some quick hands without monopolizing game time.

What games of chance have you added to your games?

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