Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

It's been a while since I posted... perhaps I should consolidate my writing into one location. Well, I want to start off this year with a fresh blog post with my resolutions:

  1. Blog more often.
  2. Buy something from a local game store - As far as gaming goes, this will be a standard. Hopefully I can post what I find.
  3. Finish the rough draft of Overburn - I'm just about ready to start play testing, I got some good people interest... maybe this is the year of Overburn.
  4. Read a book - this has always been a hard one for me.
  5. Try a new game - We have discussed starting up a board game group and I am very interested.
  6. Shadowrun Minis - gang warfare in Seattle... I'm so there.
  7. Compile some gaming music - need to find some good music for a post apocalyptic venue.
  8. Organize my miniatures - I have a lot that are in need of organization.
  9. Go play at a convention – I still have yet to make it to a convention.
  10. Teach my sons a game.
That's my quick list. Maybe I'll add more during the year, but this is a start.