Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolute Gaming

Happy New Year!!!

I'd like to start the new year with post on my gaming resolutions for this year. Shout out to Richard of Random Generation, who got me into this tradition last year with his re-post of gaming resolutions: New Years Resolutions.
  1. Buy something from a local game store - Support the businesses that support your hobby. You can probably get it cheaper on-line, or 'acquire' an electronic copy somewhere, but I decided to bite the bullet on this one and spend a few extra bucks to help keep the doors open of those establishments that propagate gaming in the community .
  2. Finish at least 3 submission - I've been half playing with a number of ideas for the last year and never finished anything.
  3. Redo the Earthdawn Publishing Trust site - I've been putting this off for a couple years. I figure if I have time to blog, I should direct some energy into the site.
  4. Read at least 4 recreation related books - Hopefully I can find something that wlil pique my interest. Unfortunately, I am not a fast reader and this will be hard to fill.
  5. Wiki-something - I have been looking at a lot of wiki's for ideas and inspirations, I hope to be able to contribute to some for the rest of the world.
  6. Try a new game system - I failed this last year. A whole year and didn't even try a single new system. I may have to be more convincing this year.
  7. Compile some gaming music - I have come to the understanding that a little ambiance music does add to the mood of the game, but only if it is the right type. To that end, I want to make some blanket tunes that I can use for a game on the fly.
  8. Organize my RPG collection - I have more gaming stuff than I have room for. I have decided to draw dawn on the number books I own to free up space.
  9. Go play at a convention – This is another one I failed to do. I even got permission to go to GenCon from my wife. Had the money, inquired into sharing a room with some others. Then life got in the way and I had to cancel. Maybe I should start smaller this year.
  10. Get more sleep - 'nuff said?
I welcome anyone else's ideas on gaming resolutions and may cause me to make some amendments to my list.

May the road carry you quickly to your next game and may lady luck smile on your dice rolls.

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