Thursday, February 17, 2011

Azamar by Wicked North Games

Ever wanted to be part of the creation of a new game? Now here is your chance; Wicked North Games is nearing the final segment to produce their first role-playing game, Azamar. They are asking the role-playing community to help support their first effort by making a pledge in the production run of the game. For more information see their kickstart page here:

How does it work? Well you make pledge any where from $1 to how ever much you desire to contribute. If they reach their goal, then you will be charged your pledge amount. If the project does not meet the goal, no one gets charged. Kickstarter uses Amazon payment services so you are pretty safe concerning your pledge.

What do you get out of it? There are a number of levels you can donate. Along with a heart felt "thank you" with any amount you donate, you can gain a limited edition hardback book, a special edition "wild" die, to the inclusion of your very own Elder God (c'mon you Cthulhu fans, you know you've always wanted your own Elder God) in the Azamar mythos, to a lifetime membership to Wicked North Games.

How cool do I think this is? Well, I've already made my pledge. Anyone who knows me, can say that a'm a sucker for a flaming sword. I was sold when they included one in the cover art.

How good is the game? Well you have to go on a little faith here. The artwork for the game is first rate and from the parts that I have seen, the game does look promising. I will be reviewing the game once I get a copy, but I would not pass up the chance to say "I stormed the Wicked North and made sure those Wild Northmen knew they had my support".

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