Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life in the Burn

Phew!!! It's been a long and arduous month. I started this month deciding I would write up the various species (read the misnomer 'races') foe the OverBurn RPG. Well, along the way I got ideas for the dice mechanics, the skill system, and maybe a wee bit of writing difficulty. I finally finished the write-up on the species; it's a little unpolished but at least the section is finished.

So, what species am I putting into the game? Well, I've settled on seven distinct species that will give the players something to choose from. A few of the races are:

  • True Humans - Normal people that have evolved.
  • Rovdyr - Bipedal reptiles that have declared war on humans.
  • Ralshasa - Genetically created race of cat-people.
  • Gene-Borne Humans - Humans that were enhanced before the apocalypse.

The remaining species I'm leaving for the game, but I am quite happy with the turn out. Now to find someone to look them over.

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  1. I'm very interested in hearing how it goes - best of luck and happy adventuring!