Friday, March 4, 2011

E. Gary Gygax Remembrance

There are defining moments in a persons life, some times big, some times small. It may be tangible, like the trophy you won because you scored the winning point. For others, it may be as innocuous as a game played as a kid. One that allowed you to be who you were and others took you seriously. People laughed your stupid comments because that is how you intended them and you were not jeered for your differences, because everyone's character was different.

I never thought I had any role-models while growing up. I did not take to sports, I was not socially out-going, I was not even the same ethnicity of most people. So I developed a thick skin and deep affinity for fantasy. Now when I say I had no role-models, I never thought of the authors of the books I read, nor the creators of role-playing games. I had never met them, I had no knowledge of what they even looked like. But in all honesty, it is those fine people who taught me the ways of chivalry and justice. It was through them I was able to hone my personal convictions every week at the gaming table.

I can't help but feel older since the passing of Gary Gygax. It was then I realized that he was one of my great mentors. Gary Gygax helped me break out of my introverted shell and I would like to take this time to roll a die for him.

1d20 = 17

E Gary Gygax 06/27/1938 - 03/04/2008

May he ride the backs of griffins, where eagles dare not soar.

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