Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Game Master's Day

They'll create a day for anyone now. When is national Fry Station guy day? Seriously, I know how hard it can be to fashion an entertaining storyline that players want to come back to week after week. For those that have never game mastered, there is plenty of work to be prepared for single gaming session. While a GM learns early how to 'wing it', there is still a lot that goes on behind the scenes, from carefully selected battle scenes, to pre-prepared opponent stats, and even selecting which books you are going to need (if by chance the game is at some other location).

Often, I find myself missing a piece of the game that I had needed and there is break in the continuity as I hunt for the information I am positive I brought. Combine that with the less frequent gaming days (we had to postpone last weeks game), and every trying to remember what happened at the previous session, and you end up with a lot of discussion and less time actually playing. Even now am not as psyched for tonight as last week. I have full weekend planned, and I am sure I will be burned out by Monday morning. Last weekend I had a cleared schedule so a late night of gaming would not have been as taxing in the long run.

To all those GMs out there that spend countless hours behind the scenes for a few hours of enjoyment every week, may you smote down the daemons mundaneness and continue to keep our hobby, and imaginations, burning.

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