Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weird Laws of the Realms

My wife likes to read a local free paper that we usually find when we stop for lunch. One of the common articles in the paper, is weird laws still in the books that make little sense. I am sure that if we knew the back story to the law, it would not seem so absurd. I recalled a the first adventure in the Desert of Desolation series where the characters are forced into the desert or
Be it yet further decreed that if they prefer not this quest they may return to Hadjara and choose of death by hanging, death by beheading, death by fireball, death by polymorph, death by lightening…
This fueled my imagination as to what other weird laws may have been passed in a fantasy game. For your edification and without further ado, I present:

Weird Laws of the Realms

  • It is illegal for weaponsmiths to threaten patrons with commissioned weapons (weapons not made for anyone in particular is fine) - Throal

  • It is illegal to dress an ass in the likeness of a royal official. -Lobaria

  • Adventurers may not use rabbits to lure demons into binding circle. -Thay

  • It is illegal to wear a duck on your head while traveling in the realm. -Roesone

  • It is illegal to consume garlic in public, or leave your residence within four hours of eating garlic. -most Transylvanian baronies and many areas of Ravenloft

  • It is illegal to make a wizard's familiar smoke a pipe. -Halruua

  • It is illegal to worship a Titan or insinuate that a person is of a Titan's lineage (regardless of actual lineage). -Calastia

  • According to the Adventurer's Guild charter agreement, a rogue may choose refusal of approaching a door he feels is unsafe without fear persecution or loss of treasure share. -Heckle and Kooch's Adventurer's Guild and Emporium

  • The use of a Wand of Wonder is strictly prohibited. -Cormyr

  • One cannot use a Deck of Many things in a regular card game without informing the participants first. -Greyhawk

  • Subjects are forbidden from wielding or operating magical items while under the influence of a Horror. -Thera

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