Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Frontier

While it may seem that I have not been active on this blog, I have actually been active on-line none the less. During a particularly fun evening of grilling and gaming, there was some discussion on ideas for role-playing games. Having had many ideas over the years, I presented some half baked conceptualisms to members of the group who displayed great interest. We discussed various points of mechanics as well as the idea of playtesting some new mechanic without any pretense of a solid rule set. The response was good, so I started working on a new game. To separate this from all my other ramblings, I created a different site for it.

The new game called is called OverBurn, which is a futuristic post apocolyptic game. You can find the site at www.overburnrpg.com. The idea was to document the process and see what becomes of it. I will be reposting the articles from on here, since it is gaming related. As always, I welcome any comments you may have. If you are interested in helping out let me know.

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