Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The State of Role Playing

Type I Demon

Well not really. I just saw a promotional video Dungeons & Dragons and it made me laugh. With the advent of the internet, I've seen a lot more peddling for RPGs and honestly it's good for the industry. I find it funny that many people consider D&D as a 'nerd' game as I don't consider it as much anymore. I recently watched a video about D&D Encounters and coupled with the new 4th Ed. Rules, D&D feels more then ever like a board game and less like an RPG.

Classic D&D

Don't get me wrong, there will always be warm spot in my heart for Dungeons & Dragons... Luckily I don't consider the current name-bearer Dungeons & Dragons. It's kinda like what they did with Coke, sure it has the name but that does not mean the product is the same. I like my games to be equal or more on the fluff side than on the crunch side. Oh, and using the old packaging does not make the new game more like the classic.

I remember back in the day when my friends were not allowed to own the books; the term 'From the makers of Dungeons and Dragons' had to be blacked-out on the other games like Gama World and Star Frontiers so that thet were not burned in holy intervention while the family priest performed an a excorcism of a Type I Demon (see pic above). I still feel weird about playing in a public place and while I am more comfortable with my hobby, I rarely try to upsell role-playing to others (even to console jockeys).

So the State of Role Playing is good these days and I'm glad it's getting more facetime. I am of the opinion that a good Game Master (GM) can make any game enjoyable and D&D did throttle the power gamers so that Rules Rapists had a harder time usurping the game. I am going to give 4E another try one day, but until that day comes I offer the follow video:

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